Elizabeth Gurumukh returns to teach the Saturday morning class, Jan 16th! Such gratitude in her heart for the Collective volunteer teachers who held space for classes, such gratitude for all of you that are committed to a practice, and gratitude for the perception and full recognition during my time away that LOVE LOVE LOVE is really all there is: the rest is illusion and projection that we dance in.

Not a new concept perhaps, but how we apply this to our life varies with each one of us. Time to throw out adages, cliches, and ask – does this have any merit for my life, today? This is the work I want us to focus on together in 2016. We have so much to do on planet earth, beyond building our own spiritual lives and bank accounts. Many need our service, all over the world. We are a unique and wonderful group of people with consciousness, means, education and commitment. Wahe Wahe! we are going to work it this year beautiful people.

So much to share and tell all of you when I see you. I hope you can be there 815 am Saturday Jan 16th in our lovely church space, for peace and breath and movement. Give yourself these 3 weeks as space in your life, no pressure, no push – PLENTY OF TIME – to get home safely from travels, clean your houses and organize your spaces, get your families set up for school and work in a graceful way … and by the 16th we’ll all be ready to spend a little more time with each other, learning, breathing, exploring and expanding as the year moves forward.

I really do love you, and I hope hearing that creates peace and safety around you. Merry Christmas today! Happy New Year coming, a year of health and focus and understanding of Self.